Wizkids! Wizards of the Coast? What's next from Top-Hatted Hamster

Wizkids! Wizards of the Coast? What's next from Top-Hatted Hamster

We've heard your calls on for us to stock Heroclix and Magic the Gathering. 
We will be updating the ranges + good competitive prices of your favourite stores. 

We are a business want to make sure we don't focus on one game and listen to others on such games as Heroclix.

Whatcha gunna do brother when the Hulkster runs wild on you? Well give you the best prices out there, that's what we are going to do Hulkster.
What you gunna do when the Top-Hatted Hamster gives you a run for your money!

Not got time to paint such miniatures from DC or Marvel respected games such as Batman Miniatures or Marvel Crisis, then try your hand at either DC or Marvel Heroclix or use as proxies as you wish!

So keep an eye out for these in the coming week!

Ready, Steady! Catch that pigeon? Was it wrong TV show! Rereleased by CMON this popular game from the very popular tv show that shares it's name, allows for you to take the role of your favourite characters, such as Dick Dastardly, Penelope Pitstop and the Gruesome Twosome.

We will also be stocking more Star Wars 3D printable miniatures a long with many more items so keep a look out. We are nearly reaching out first year trading, so many more discounts and ranges to come! 


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