"Holy Smokes Batman, is the Joker sporting a moustache?!?!"

Wow, now this is a miniature many of us have been waiting for! Although I don't know if it's practical to have on the table.

The sculpt and paint-job alone on the figure is well done and the likeness of Cesar Romero is fabulous.
I have recently just finished watching the '66 Batman Tv show, it's taken me over a year to do so. It is painful but somewhat entertaining to watch, considering not even 30 years later we have the 89' and ultimately the Batman Animated Series in 1992. It certainly is a big contrast of a difference to what I grew up with.

Having being told this miniature could be released from the end of May (nearly in time with my 30th Birthday in June), makes you wonder what else is going to be released? Riddler? Cat Woman? Even and I know many of you are awaiting! the Mr Freeze. Maybe, just maybe he will be ready for in Christmas.

But here is the figure in question:

Batman '66 Joker Knight Models

Knight Models are certainly making up for the last year. The Pandemic wasn't a good time for anyone but, absolutely brilliant. Will they do a Batman on surfboard next? Maybe some shark repellent?

Who knows? KM does!

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