Have you got an Eraser? I need to take out my mistakes!

I must confess I did not know anything about this Batman Villain. Why would I? I mean it was 1966, where Batman had some odd villains, campy tv show and I think the writers either had been on some sort of recreational drugs or ran out of ideas of characters.

This was taken from Batman Wiki:
"The Eraser was the chosen alias of Lenny Fiasco, who turned to crime after living his college days under constant mocking and taunting by his classmates. Fiasco is a professional at covering the tracks of other crimes. For a 20 percent cut, the Eraser will 'erase' the evidence of another crime.
Lenny Fiasco was a college classmate of Bruce Wayne (Batman), and was continually mocked by his fellow students for all the mistakes he made in class. The few people who remembered Lenny always pictured him with eraser in hand, correcting his mistakes. The only girl Lenny ever wanted was classmate Celia Smith, and he planned to take her to the school's ice carnival. Lenny was crushed when she chose to go with Bruce Wayne. Feeling quite bitter, he turned to a life of crime, developing an eraser costume that could eliminate all evidence from a crime scene."

Now he sounds like a catch. 1966, a year when England won the world cup (boo, Jokes to my English friends), my mother was born, Adam West starred in Batman and the best ever and very underrated character was created Gaggy! (Knight Models we need a new Gaggy)

So what can I say about this model. It certainly gives the old gangster feel with the suit, I like the "Robin and Batman" Erased felling, paint-job is fantastic, and certainly keeps us on our toes on what they'll release next?~

I personally cannot wait to see what they do next and to have this model in my hands. It would be awesome to comprise a crew just of free agents however, it isn't possible? or is it?

2021 is certainly a year for Knight Models, they are standing to deliver and I very much approve of this!


Remember folks next month is my 30th Birthday! Yes although we Hamsters only live to about 2 or 3, the magical moustache and top-hat certainly is keeping me going. Keep checking the website, this blog, Facebook and Discord for my 30% off discount from June 1st to 30th June.


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