Grab your masks people, Black Mask is coming!

Roman Sionis aka The Black Mask, is an organised crime boss situated in the depths of Gotham City. He has a fixation of masks (hence the black mask name and mask), and torture. 
Having recently in the Birds of Prey movie appearing in live action, played by Ewan McGregor (Scottish actor known for Trainspotting and Obi Wan from Star Wars). He has also appearing in the Arrowverse 2nd Season of  Batwoman.

Knight Models, and a select few have been working on the cards and abilities of Black mask (BM) On Monday they teased his model. 


Again, the sculptor and painter have done an amazing job on this miniature. Ready for torturing his victims, BM will be standing in the shadows letting his goons do the dirty work.
Un-hinged, unpredictable and unstable there is no doubt you'll want Black Mask on your list for the Batman Miniatures Game. 

But.. who can forget his ally, well in the Birds of Prey movie anyway or maybe are they a little bit more than just allys? That's up for debate but that doesn't matter.
Who am I talking about you ask? Well, Victor Zsasz of course. He's on his way to adding more marks each time he kills. 
Again I give credit to the sculptor and painter of this miniature. It's fantastically done. My one question is and maybe you will agree, when he kills in your game will you paint on extra tally marks.

I must admit I had enjoyed Anthony Carrigan's portrayal of Zsasz in Fox series Gotham. I think he made the show a little comical and popped up at the right time, being a pain not just on the GCPD's part but on the rogue gallery's of Gotham City.  

 Here is Zsasz with the Black Mask crew and it doesn't disappoint. As we know Black Mask has a fascinations with masks, until I have the miniatures in hand I cannot tell you how excited I am to see these guys up close. Voodoo masks and demon masks can be seen. And the size of the RPG, and that man has some size of gun!

It's certainly going to be interesting to see what they do on the table and if you weren't a fan of Black Mask or still aren't you cannot deny that this crew looks amazing, the sculpts and paint jobs are both equally fantastic. Let's hope we see some of our YouTubers play with the Mask and crew.

Closer look

Aren't they a fine set of models.

Knight Models certainly keep raising the bar when it comes to new crews and it's absolutely brilliant that my birthday is coming. 
They have also repurposed 2nd edition models too.

This is the fixer and another Black mask thug, a fine miniature ready for the table-top. I just love the paint job and sculpts on these.

Crime Lords of Gotham.

2nd edition thugs, it's good to see them getting repurposed especially since I spent a small fortune trying to get them in metal.

Finally reaper has been redone.


Honestly guys this along with '66 Joker. Again I cannot wait to get these in my hands!

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