Exciting News

Top-Hatted Hamster Games is working together with a vast amount of companies and remember this is a one man operation so patience is a virtue.

We have signed up for Instar Paint, a paint range that has been widely acclaimed by professional painters as one of the best out there now and their prices are out of this world.

We are also updating out catalogue of KR Multicase, our supplier had stopped stocking them so it left us confused and worried, however dwelling deep into the KR website I now have signed up to their retail programme. 

We also have exciting news regarding other companies as well but that is a reveal for next week.


Knight Models News!

Last month they had teased the render for General Zod, not a character I am familiar with him as that is more Superman side of DC, I stick to Gotham, maybe he has shown up there and I am just naïve but anyway that doesn't take away from the amazing sculpt and paint job on the miniature.

I believe he is due to be released at the end of June but this is just speculation on my part, keep an eye out on the store, we will announce when he appears from depths of Krypton.

We eagerly await the rise from Penguin from the depths of the sewers from Gotham. Oswald Cobblepot, depending on what you read or watch is definitely a gang that's going to be a force on the tabletop. With Last months teaser of Emperor Penguin, what's next I wonder? 

3rd Edition Upgrade cards: A number of you have bought upgrade cards from me, this is delayed slightly, as we are currently upgrading them/fixing them as new things have been developed, I can assure you they will be with you as soon as this is done.


Other news, THHG has teamed up with a 3D Printing Company. It has allowed us to add ranges from 2nd Dynasty, Papsikel's Miniatures, Void Realm Miniatures and many others. It's going to give you and I the best opportunity available for you to expand your ranges and add odd figures and scenery to your gaming collection.


Shipping Delays:

We had an issue with the Drop & Go system we use with Royal Mail, we dropped off a number of parcels last week only to receive the tracking codes with the destination of my own address rather than yours. 
I am awaiting on parcels coming in now to get it sorted, the utter failure of this has caused me deep distress, it clearly states on the label to and from, how anyone could of missed that I do not know.

To make matters worse my local post office is shutting down leaving me having to go to the nearest one in town, I do not drive as I am disabled but shipping will only be on a Friday or Saturday from then on.

Editorial note:

I want to thank you all who wished me a happy birthday and those that support me and spend your hard earned cash on my store. It means a lot I didn't expect this business to work out as it is, and it's all attributed to you all.

Remember: Stay Safe, Stay Strong and reach out if you need to speak to someone, mental health is important during these times.
I run a motivational Monday on the Batman & DC Universe Miniatures Game Facebook page which may help you get your miniatures painted.

Thank you!


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