Birthday Celebrations

Birthday Celebrations

As I have been quiet don't worry I am not ignoring you, I am trying my best to answer as I was supposed to have this week off.

Sunday, my wife invited some family members round against my wishes, but with social distancing it was good to see many happy faces, it's only once in your life you turn 30 I suppose.

My lovely wife hand made me the best cake I have tasted, with such inspiration from Batman the Animated Series, she even made the bat symbol without any tracing.

With  such a good day of vouchers from amazon, cash, whisky some other small things (although my birthday wasn't until Monday the 7th ) it was a fantastic day.

My wife and brother in law nipped out she couldn't wait to give me the last present (I had a new pc bought a month or so ago as part of my birthday) with my surprise and nearly brought me to tears was this.

To say the least, I am a very lucky man.

Anyway I return back to work on Monday. I try to answer questions when asked but please don't think I am ignoring you.

Anyway have a good weekend.

Top-Hatted Hamster


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