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As the summer is now finally coming in here in Scotland, and of course the rest of the world, behind the scenes Knight Models are working away. An app will be released soon, and a test of Penguin, Oswald Cobblepot.

Penguin Emperor was announced and I love it. I find it funny, that Penguin is most notably viewed as a cold, winter and in the midst of summer, here he is being teased.


It's difficult to think that one game has had an impact on people, for me it certainly has. Normally a community crashes and burns, with the Batman Miniatures Game it seems to grow and keeps thriving.
The excitement and new players coming along seems to grow. 

One of my customers, has went out of her way to design a card-mat and dice-bag for the game. She had got it printed showing her love for the game just proves to me that the thriving community is still growing.

(Courtesy of Jen Carson)


As we heard at the start of April, the Batman Minis phone app is coming, at the moment there is a lot of chatter, where is it?
There have been some teething problems with it unfortunately and it may take a bit longer, this is no fault of Km themselves.
A little bit longer wait won't hurt anyone, in fact they want to make it perfect for you without any bugs. ;)


Although I try my best with the blog, I am promoting Knight Models only at the moment as I, well I think I have a close relationship now with them, I hope the feeling is mutual with them, especially Vince from the sales department. 
It's my 30th Birthday on Monday, you only turn 30 once right? That's why there is a 30% discount if you spend over £30.
If you can, share my blog, website and get more people involved. I want to be more than just a shop but someone who gives you the news, a community builder.
I have bad dyslexia so I hope my writing is ok for you guys, if you want a game of Batman, just pm me and we can play on Tabletop Simulator.

I hope to see what you guys do. I want to see your painted squads. 

Send me them at admin@top-hatted hamster(dot)


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