3D printable miniatures


Now its no surprise as time goes on you see the influx of 3D printable miniatures. That's why we bought printers as we enjoy the concept.  Whether or not it's a specific figure like the one above or a 28mm city building from corvus games.

We at Top-Hatted Hamster cater to you, we will print you miniatures from space wars to superhero extravaganza.  


What Seb is bringing out you cannot deny that these deserve to be on the tabletop.

I personally love it. 

We have sales on our 3D printable miniatures.  

InstaSeb discount code gives you 10% off.

MADOX3D for 10% off Maddox 3D design

NuclearFirefly 15% off their designs

StudioMinis 10% off their designs.

Contact us we are uploading prices!


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